Blue Angel Navy flying the sky

The invigorating practice sessions of the US Navy Blue Angels take place March - October throughout the skies of their home base in Pensacola, and make for the perfect addition to your getaway on the Gulf Coast! While staying with us at Margaritaville Beach Hotel, we recommend these options for optimal viewing:

Take The Ferry to Fort Pickens
The National Park Service's Pensacola Bay Cruise ferry boats, which transport passengers to popular locations, will also be on the water during practice times throughout the summer season and offer a fun way to get around the area while seeing the Blue Angels from local sites. The Pensacola Bay Cruises will operate between the City of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Fort Pickens (a very scenic, historical spot that has grown increasingly popular.)
Visit pricing and more information on the ferry boats!

Jolly Sailing Blue Angels Practice Cruises
The Blue Angels soar above the waters of Pensacola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, offering an experience unlike any other to boaters. If you've never had the opportunity to view practices from on the water, Jolly Sailing offers an exclusive Blues Cruise! This three hour excursion stops at the remote beaches of Sand Island (conditions allowing) and looks for dolphins/wildlife along the way! Space is limited, and advanced reservations are strongly suggested. Contact or call us at (850) 916-9755.

From The Top of the Lighthouse Museum
If you're up for a little light exercise, check out Blue Angels practice from the towering lighthouse catwalk. The location, 150 feet above ground level, is ideal to watch the flight rehearsals and the beautiful Bay while learning Pensacola History for just $20 a person. To make reservations or for more information, visit  

Don't miss out on part of what makes Pensacola Paradise one of the most diverse and special destinations, plan to see the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron command the skies during your next visit to Margaritaville. View the Blue Angels Practice Schedule HERE

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