Songwriter's Festival Coming Soon to LandShark

Sep 27, 2019

Songwriter Jessie Ritter will be performing at LandShark

 The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival celebrates the creators of their own music! Music education is an important part of this Festival. One of the goals is to bring the songwriters into the public to inform and inspire about the art of music. LandShark Landing will be a lucky venue for lovely live music on Thursday, October 3rd, and Sunday October 6th. To learn more information about this event and to see a full schedule, visit the website here. The lineup at LandShark will be as follows:

Thursday Oct. 3 - Hosted by Jessie Ritter

6pm: Payton Taylor, Jessie Ritter
7pm: Bridgette Tatum, Greg Crowe, Luis Rey

Sunday Oct. 6 -

2pm: Jonathan Puzan, Lance Dubroc
3pm: Nick Biebricher, Christina Christian

We'll see you there!

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