Reasons to Visit Pensacola Beach this Season

Sep 26, 2018

Burning coals

                                     Pensacola Beach is the perfect destination for your Autumn vacation, for several reasons! 

  1. Travel Prices Plummet in the Off-Season!  Summer time airfare sky-rockets something severe, so save big and fly frugally this Fall! In addition to pinching pennies with plane tickets, Margaritaville Beach Hotel specials can also save you money!  Check out our Taste of Fall Package, including a free appetizer voucher and $159 additional night stays when you book for 2+ nights! Now that's a delicious deal!
  2. The weather is (still) here! Love the beach but hate the sweltering summer heat? Enjoy the same scenery minus the blistering sand and sweaty sunburns, as late September up to November has an average temperature in the 70° range in Pensacola Beach! Evenings cool down and make for perfect nights cuddled up watching the sunset.
  3. The Coast is Clear, meaning if you aren't a fan of big beach crowds, this is YOUR time for sunshine! In the words of Jimmy Buffett "the tourist traps are empty, vacancy abounds, almost like it used to be before the circus came to town".
  4. The Pensacola Community Comes to Life! Our local community hosts numerous fall events for all to enjoy. Foo Foo Fest, Run to Margaritaville, Art & Wine Fest on Pensacola Beach, LandShark's Shark-tober Fest, and the stunning First City Light's Ceremony are only a few examples of what the area has to offer this season! So what are you waiting for? Embrace the fall foliage, crisp evening air, and waves of private paradise: book your stay today!

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