Hotel Highlights: Everything But Sand

Apr 10, 2022

300 square feet may not seem like a lot, but our hidden gem of a retail store called Everything But Sand is packed with everything needed to turn a good trip into a great one.

No vacation is ever complete without a permanent reminder. Everything But Sand is the perfect place to get a souvenir from your visit to the beautiful Margaritaville Beach Hotel on Pensacola Beach. 95% of the store boasts exclusive designs that you cannot get at any other Margaritaville location. All of the designs are created in-house by our 20+ year veteran of Margaritaville, who includes other staff members on all product designs. Some of the products sold in store are t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, bags, and candles.

We also have jewelry exclusive to our hotel that is made by a local jeweler and friend of Jimmy's- Jeweler's Trade Shop. The jewelry made for the hotel captures the beauty of the sea and the Margaritaville spirit.

Fun Fact: Everything But Sand got it's name as a play on the line, "We got everything but snow" from the Jimmy Buffett song "Christmas in the Caribbean".

Customer Comments about Everything But Sand:

  • "They were super friendly and helpful. They were able to answer my questions and get me exactly what I wanted."
  • "It's beautiful; I especially love the signs!"
  • "They have a nice variety of things. I really liked the hat that said Beach Please."
  • In reference to the candles, "[I] want all of them!"
  • In reference to the shirt they bought, "It's super soft and comfortable. I love it!"
  • "I like that the store has something for everyone. They are always friendly. My favorite thing is the jewelry of course."

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