Every Guest, Every Time!

Jun 22, 2021

Pensacola Beach Margaritaville Hotel

This past February, future hotel guest, Emily, sent us a letter in hopes of reaching Mr. Chuck Wagner as she is a huge fan and had been trying to reach him. (We’re sure you Parrotheads know what it’s like). We were very sad to hear that it did not make into Mr. Wagner’s hands, so we sent it back with an extra stamp and a note back to her in the hope that she would try again.  

Little did we know that this small act of hospitality would mean so much to Emily. Her mom then went on Facebook to write a wonderful review that said,

“I want to thank the staff at Margaritaville Beach Hotel! My daughter is a HUGE fan of the actor Chuck Wagner. She’s been writing to him and the letters come back with no such address. Somehow she got the address of your hotel. She received her letter back today but with this lovely note from your staff! She was sad at first that the letter came back but when she read your note her sadness turned to joy! She loves getting mail! You didn’t have to do what you did but you made the day of my 21 year old daughter with Down Syndrome! If we get down that way, we’re coming to say hello! Your hotel is beautiful! Thank you again for your kindness! You made this mom happy too!”

Guest service is the backbone of the hospitality industry, and we pride ourselves on our value of “Every guest, Every time”.

With the help of Facebook and our great group of fans, Emily was able to find an address to Mr. Chuck Wagner and he was very kind to acknowledge her. Now she’s making her way to Pensacola Beach for a visit and we cannot be more excited to welcome her to the FINS family.

See you soon,

Margaritaville Beach Hotel.

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