Pensacola Beach Firefighters Challenge!

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The course for the Pensacola Beach Firefighters Challenge will be on Pensacola Beach.  All obstacles will be in the sand.  The obstacles each participant must go through will be:

  • Forced Entry
  • Charged Hose Drag
  • Kaiser Sled
  • Dummy Drag
  • Hose Hoist

Each participant will be required to wear full structural firefighting gear including boots, gloves, air packs (breathing on air), helmets, and masks.

For the team competition, the first person will complete the first obstacle, then pass the timing piece to the second person, and so on until the final person crosses the finish line.

There will be two courses right next to each other – two teams/individuals will be going at the same time.  Each team/person is racing for their best overall time, not against the next team/person next to them.

Each  team/person gets one run of the course to score their best time.  In the event there is a tie for an overall or award placement, the two teams will run the course again to determine a winner.

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